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I love Tennessee

I’ve been able to travel a lot of this country, and my heart always stays in Tennessee.

It is the prettiest state in the country

It also is where the majority of my family and close friends live

It should have been a no-brainer to move to Missouri. The chance to live my dream and make my living as a performer. Not having to hustle and struggle anymore. It should have been an easy decision.

But moving so far away from the people I love the most has been hard. Spending my holidays away from them has been hard. The whole thing has been hard.

I’ve often thought about giving up performing. Finding something else I’m good at and just settling down. Maybe finally meeting someone and having a family. But the truth is I love this too much to stop. Maybe I’m selfish, but you truly do only live once. You gotta chase those dreams while you can

I’d be lying if I said this time of the year wasn’t hard.

Show has to go on though, right?

So while my family sits down for Thanksgiving dinner, I’ll be making people laugh. When they sit down to open Christmas presents, I’ll be here entertaining hundreds of people.

Maybe I’ve been lying to myself all along

Maybe the stage is my real home

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