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I was living in my grandmother’s house in 2016. I’ve talked about it before, but I was really at the end of my rope. Broke, depressed, suicidal, I didn’t have the money for things like internet or cable. All I had was my PS4, a few cheap blu rays and a couple of video games to keep me company.

My grandma wasn’t really living in her house at the time. She was staying with a friend back in her hometown, but occasionally she’d come back to see me and make sure her house was okay. By this point, her dementia was getting pretty rough, where if you spun her around in a circle and asked her who you were, she probably wouldn’t know (Curious Author’s Note: is this the best descriptor? I feel like if you spun me around enough, I might not know who you are either). So there we were, sitting in a house together all day long looking at each other. Quickly, we got on each other’s nerves.

To help pass the time and calm my grandma down, I put in a Batman game. She loved it! “Oh Batman!” she exclaimed, and would literally watch me for hours as I played this game. We’d talk about what was going on, and she’d love watch Batman beat up the bad guys.

Then I quickly remembered I had an NBA game. I ran to get it, put it in, and as the basketball players came on the screen, Ms. Judy’s eyes lit up.

Ms. Judy loved basketball. She played while she was in school, and I genuinely think it was the best time of her life. While I played the game, she would (repeatedly) tell me stories of her glory days. We were both having the best time.

On this particular NBA game, I had taken the Memphis Grizzlies and drafted my own team for them. One of my players was Steph Curry, and Ms. Judy fell in love with him. I’d hit 3 after 3 with Steph while my grandmother squealed with glee.

When I turned the game off, she looked at me disappointed. “Oh shoot, is the ballgame over?” she asked. I told her it was but if she wanted, I’d fire up another. She did a little jig in her seat and said, “oh goody!” and then sat there waiting for the next game. “I sure hope Curry is playing in this one, too. But I doubt he’ll be doing a double-header”. It was then I learned she thought the PlayStation game was an actual game being played. I could have corrected her, but why? We were having a great time, and honestly she would forget moments later. I wound up playing several games that night while she (repeatedly) told me her stories of her basketball days

A couple of days later, I drove Ms. Judy up to Nashville to be with my Aunt and Uncle while I did some shows in Nashville. It just so happened that it was smack dab in the middle of the NBA Finals. Where LeBron James’ Cavs was playing Steph Curry’s Warriors

Wait a minute

Steph Curry’s Warriors?!

Oh no

I pulled my uncle aside and told him we can’t watch the finals cause it’s going to confuse Judy about Steph Curry’s team. She was no a diehard Grizzlies fan, and Curry was her guy. This was going to break her heart. My uncle dismissed my notion that this was going to mess with her. I shrugged my shoulders, sat down on the couch, and waited for Hurricane Judy to hit

When she saw Steph Curry in a Warriors jersey, my grandmother’s mouth contorted. “That’s a Curry? Is he my Curry’s brother?” She asked me. “Mom, that’s Steph Curry!” my Uncle responded. “That ain’t Steph Curry! He plays for the Grizzlies!” “No, Mom, he’s a Warrior!” “Donnie! I watched him play 4 games back to back to back last night. He’s a Grizzly!”

This went on for about ten minutes. My Uncle finally looked at me as if I were going to help him. I just shrugged my shoulders and gave him a look of “I told you so!”

Defeated, my Uncle decided to tell her this live game we were watching must have been taped before he got traded to the Grizzlies. Made sense to Ms. Judy, and we were able to enjoy the game in peace.

I think I’ll always love Steph Curry because of this. This story makes me smile. Hope it does you, too

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