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It’s a universal truth that The Lion King is the best Disney movie of all time.

We all remember where we were when we heard, “AHHHHH ZABENYA!!!” for the first time, and we were taken to the Pride Lands to meet Mufasa, Sarabi, baby Simba, and the rest of the crew. We danced along to such great songs as Hakuna Matata and I Just Can’t Wait to be King. We knew some adult situations were going on with Can You Feel the Love Tonight? (Confused Author’s Note: When Nala licks Simba and gives him that look, we all felt weird, right?) Above all, we cried (don’t lie) when *SPOILER ALERT* Scar threw Mufasa off the cliff to his death while poor Simba watched (Emotional Author’s Note: Even at 32, I still tear up when I see Simba tug on Mufasa’s ear and say, “C’mon, Dad, we gotta go”…ugh tearing up now). We laughed at Timon and Pumba (FARTS!), we wished we had an old wise baboon like Rafiki to give us sage advice, and at the end, we celebrate as Simba returns home, vanquishes the evil Scar, claims his birthright as King, and returns Pride Rock to its former glory. CIRCLE OF….LIIIIIIIIIFE

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Best Disney Movie Ever

But what you probably haven’t ever thought about is how many life lessons are in The Lion King.

There’s several that I can point out to you, but the three that stick out are what we’ll be discussing in the rest of this post:

  1. The “Hakuna Matata” Method
  2. The “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” Method
  3. The “Be Prepared” Method

Let’s jump in

The “Hakuna Matata” Method

Ahhh Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase.

Even as you’re reading this, you’ve probably got the song stuck in your head. Maybe you’re humming along to it, or you’ve pulled it up on Spotify and are listening to it now. It’s an awfully catchy song, with the great Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella teaming up to give us a new look at life. Simply put, Hakuna Matata is Swahili for “Don’t worry; be happy”. While that is a wonderful way to look at life, the way that Timon and Pumba share it with Simba means, “When da world turns its back on you, you turn ya back on da world”. Simba immediately realizes this isn’t the smart way to live, but a catchy song and a crazy forward leap in time (Seriously, he aged 15 years in 45 seconds) can do a lot to sway one’s opinion.

We’ve all had those times in life where we feel like we’re alone. Where it seems like no one in this whole world cares. Maybe your version of Hakuna Matata has been to give up on relationships or dreams because things got too tough. Maybe your past haunts you, and all you want to do is say “Hakuna Matata” and make all your problems disappear. Maybe, you’ve been like Simba in the sense of “If I don’t think about it, then I don’t have to worry about it.” Whatever the situation is: jobs, goals, money, debts, you name it. Granted, the Hakuna Matata method works for a while. You might even start to feel better about yourself and your life. But ultimately, just like Simba, you have to realize that your past will always be there and you eventually have to deal with it. Like the wise Rafiki says, you can either run from it or learn from it (Also, don’t take his stick).

Run from it all you want, the past will come back. Obviously the best thing to do in those situations is learn from your mistakes to become a better and wiser person.

The “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” Method

I like to call this one the daydreamers method. The method where we constantly think about the future and everything we hope happens.

I just can’t wait to get that promotion

I just can’t wait to lose 25lbs.

I just can’t wait to find that perfect person to be in my life

I just can’t wait til I have some money to travel…

You get the idea. We fantasize about things to the point that the sometimes seem unattainable. We keep them as a prize, a dream that we never run towards. We never put a date on it. We just constantly say, “I just can’t wait til…”

Why is this? We do we talk about things and not do anything about it?

Simple: It’s easy to talk about things. It’s easy to sit around with your friends and play “what if”. But it can sometimes be difficult to put those words into action because that usually means we sacrifice something.

It’s easy to say that we want to lose weight. It’s difficult to give up pizza.

It’s easy to say you want to save money. It’s difficult to do it.

It’s easy to say you want to jump into the dating world again. It’s difficult to make the jump.

Talk is easy. Action requires discipline and dedication that sometimes we don’t have.

Stop waiting and start doing.

The “Be Prepared” Method

If you stuck around to read this one in hopes of me telling you to kill your sibling with a pack of hyenas, shame your nephew into running away, and then take their place as the ruler of your pride, then you’ve come to the wrong place.

While his ways of going about it were obviously wrong (Still Upset Author’s Note: I’ll never forgive Scar or Jeremy Irons for killing Mufasa. I’d probably fight Jeremy Irons to this day about it), he had the right idea.

Hear me out (or read my words? I’m not sure what the terminology should be) Scar wanted something, and he took the actions (again, not promoting murder here and maybe I’m grasping) necessary to get what he wanted (I really can’t express how much I’m not telling you to murder. Please don’t murder).

Obviously, his methodology was skewed, but it serves us our final lesson.

Stop waiting, stop talking, TAKE ACTION (Unless that action is murder. Okay, you get it)

When I stop to look back at my life, the one thing I regret is never making a plan. I thought people with 5 year or 10 year plans were idiots. I enjoyed living the “Hakuna Matata” and the “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” methods. I would sit around with my friends and talk about the future while never doing anything in the present to set myself up for success. If I had a problem come up, I’d bury it somewhere dark where I never thought it would resurface. My twenties were me just going with the flow, figuring that with my talent and rugged good looks I’d land on my feet.

NEWSFLASH: That ain’t how life works

Yes, dream. Yes, shoot for the stars. Yes, daydream. BUT TAKE ACTION!

Currently, I’m in a great place. Life is good. I bought my first “new” car this year, I entertain thousands of people every week, and I have a book coming out soon (didn’t think I’d forget to mention that did you?). But it was because I finally started holding myself accountable. I finally started to prepare my life for these things. I finally started to hustle and go after what I wanted instead of providing lip service to people. Was it easy? No. It took time, dedication, and sacrifice. Was it worth it? 100%

I live by the motto If It’s Humanly Possible, You Can Do It. But it will take hard work, dedication, and honestly a little luck sometimes to do it. You have to be willing to put that work in.

We need to stop burying our past, and we need to stop waiting to be King.

Be the King or Queen now.

Take action.

Do the Damn Thing

Thanks for reading

Rooting for you!

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