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There’s a quote on the walls of my gym (a.k.a. the Forged Fortressthat says this:

Success is never owned; it’s leased. Rent is due everyday

I’ve started applying this philosophy to not only my workouts, but my life.

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing, yet it can also be a powerful enemy. We spend so much time thinking about “the good ole days” that we forget to live in the here and now. We romanticize that old job, failed relationship, etc. instead of focusing on how to make our life the best it can be now. I’ve been guilty of it. If I’m being honest, half of my 2016 was spent wishing I was back on stage at Vaudeville. Instead of seizing opportunities that I had in front of me, I let nostalgia take over and basically cripple me. Maybe you’ve been there before. Maybe (hopefully not) you’re there now. And every day that you spend thinking of “what could have been” or “the good times”, you’re missing your rent payment.

When we choose to live by the rule that “the rent is due every day”, it keeps us humble and hungry. By choosing to acknowledge that today is a new day, you take the crutch away of resting on laurels. You attack every day with passion and vigor, working hard to make the previous day just a footnote in your amazing journey on this planet. Sure, we have bad days, weeks, sometimes even months and years. But you continue to wake up every day knowing, regardless of circumstances, the rent is due and it’s time to work. You strive to make every day your best day. Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful way to live?

Successful people become that way because they’re willing to be the hardest workers in the room. They’re willing to go that extra mile, to seize the opportunities. They know that yesterday is gone and tomorrow hasn’t gotten here yet, so the only time to worry about is now. They know success doesn’t come overnight – it is earned over time through hard work and dedication.

So join me today in making today count. Apply this philosophy to your life and let’s see the amazing things that can happen. Like the great philosopher M. Mathers once said, “You only get one shot”. Let’s not waste today.

C’mon – it’s time to go to work. Rent’s due.

Rooting for you today!

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