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I am obsessed with Hamilton. 

Seriously, obsessed with it. Who would have thought that a rap musical about the dude on the ten dollar bill would capture the hearts of everyone who listens to it? 

Have you listened to it yet? If not, go Here and by the album on iTunes. Or go Here and listen to it on Spotify. Seriously, go listen to it right now. I’ll be here when you get back. WARNING: It’s gonna be 2 1/2 hours before you get back, but I’m patient. I’ll wait. 

Yo, for real, go listen. 

Back now? 


Okay, I’m way off track. 

The reason I have connected with it so much is because there’s certain themes that speak to me currently. The biggest theme that hits me square in the face is the oft repeated, “I am not throwing away my shot”. I love it so much I made it my wallpaper on my phone 

Whoomp, there it is. I’m a nerd – I don’t care. You love me, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Nerd lover. 

Anywho, the reason “I am not throwing away my shot” speaks so much to me is because of how crazy this year has been for me, and how I’ve constantly had to keep my eye on the bigger prize. Without going into too much detail, this year has sucked. I mean, flat out sucked. I have hit setback after setback after setback. I’ve had people who I love and respect tell me, “You’re 30. Time to stop wasting time on this comedy and acting nonsense and find a real job. If it hasn’t happened by 30, it isn’t going to happen.” After a while, I thought they might be right. Maybe I never will “make it”. Maybe I’ve peaked. Maybe it’s time to stop chasing the dream and give in to what others think is right. 

And that’s the absolute worst attitude to have

I stopped waiting patiently for things to happen. I’m taking my shot. I’m writing a play (You’ll see some of it soon, guys. I promise). I’m auditioning for stuff again. I’m back on stage working on new material. I have a new place to be creative every week. After a crappy, godawful start to 2016, things are looking up, and I promise you when the time comes, I won’t be throwing away my shot. Will I ever be famous? I have no idea. But will I be happy because I’m doing what I love? Absolutely. 

I write all of this to tell you one thing: 


I don’t know what you’re going through, or what your dreams are, but I will tell you never give up. Keep chasing after those things. No matter what anyone else thinks, you’re the one who lives your life. Don’t allow people to breed negativity into your life. You’re not too old; you’re not too young; You are great how you are! Keep working, keep striving and good things will come! 

The great poet Marshall Mathers once said 

You only have one shot, do not miss your chance to blow.

This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

Keep fighting, make things happen for yourself, and don’t throw away your shot. 
I’m rooting for you! 


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